Favorite Looks From Global Fashion Collective’s NYFW Showcase

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 08: A model prepares backstage at the Global Fashion Collective At New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 at Industria Studios on February 8, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Global Fashion Collective)

After its successful first international showcase last Spring Summer 2018 at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, Global Fashion Collective took their international showcase to another major fashion city this season, the urban jungle that is New York City. New York Fashion Week kicked off its Fall Winter 2018 season last February 8, 2018 and GFC is one of the first batch to open the prestigious fashion event. Here are some of our favorite looks from the designers who showcased at the #GFCtakesNYC debut.

Fiction Tokyo

Japanese designer, Monaca Nishi’s collection garnered the audience’s attention with her contemporary take on Tokyo’s unique character. Her fall winter ’18 collection entitled ‘Favorite Heroine’ takes a retro spin drawing inspiration from the heroine of a favorite childhood movie. We’re certainly impressed by her impressive attention to detail and her eye for fabric and texture combination.

Melissa Yin

We don’t mean to be biased, but the black dress in the middle is probably our favorite look from the Prêt-à-Porter collections. Emerging designer, Melissa Yin had us living our streetstyle dreams as the zipper and sheepskin leather clad models walk down the runway in her latest collection. The newly launched leather-based brand used a bold red to complement a neutral palette, combined with flattering silhouettes to give today’s busy woman clothing that promotes functionality, confidence and elegance.

Caroline Ann Designs

U.S designer Caroline Ann, left the audience in awe with her vibrant fall winter collection inspired by her fond childhood memories of summer days spent at the beach. Caroline’s designs aim to celebrate natural beauty, enhancing the intrinsic value that each woman has. The bright colors and soft details, textures and silhouettes were a refreshing break from the usually darker-toned collections we see every fall winter season.


Japanese brand WILDFRÄULEIN71 and its designer Roop Shimura takes their second Global Fashion Collective runway with another collection of artisanal ready-to-wear clothing, inspired by the strong but transient beauty of a woman with a courageous man by her side. The collection was brimming with their well-known outerwear and their signature toned color palette with the occasional pops of dramatic prints.

Kirsten Ley

Canadian designer Kirsten Ley continues to amaze us season after season. Her fall winter collection NERŌ explores the concept of abandoning the fear of death and yearning for the afterlife. Her combination of materials and her incredible approach to fabric manipulation teemed the entire collection, a distinguishable technique  that puts her on par with the likes of Issey Miyake and Iris Van Herpen.

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller

BITTERSWEET is the title of German designer, Kim Tiziana Rottmüller’s latest collection. It is a combined representation of the concepts ‘prison’ and ‘barbie’. The designs are an artistic interpretation of a person wishing to break free from mental constriction, looking to the invisible prisons that exist only in people’s minds. What we love most about this collection is that, although completely avant-garde, most of the pieces from the collection are still wearable and trendy.


Lastly, Chinese designer NiuNiu Chou of MRHUA MRSHUA is making his name in the industry as the maximalist with extreme fondness of colors, prints and notions. He is known for his choices of eclectic prints and accents. His fall winter 2018 collection entitled ‘Vintage Soldier’ features a wide array of colorful military inspired clothing and pop art details achieved through fabric dyeing.

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